Fillings and Crowns

Kennewick Dentist for Fillings and Crowns

If you’re looking for a Kennewick dentist to help remove tooth pain or cavities, then Mathews Dental can help.

Restorative Filling Dental Care

If left untreated, toothaches can result in increased discomfort and long-term damage. When tooth pain stems from a cavity, Dr. Mathews will most likely recommend a filling. He will clean the tooth, remove the decay and restore the tooth with the filling material. This filling will prevent future bacteria from settling in the tooth. Several types of filling materials exist, and Dr. Mathews will work with you or your child to decide what would be best for your individual case.

Signs You Might Need a Restorative Filling

There are a few symptoms that mean you might need a filling:

  • A toothache
  • Dark spots on your teeth
  • A hole you can see or feel in your teeth
  • Food that always gets stuck between certain teeth
  • When your floss tears in a certain spot
  • A rough, chipped or broken tooth
  • A broken or lost filling

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people feel sensitivity after they receive a filling. The tooth may be sensitive to pressure, air, sweet foods or cold. Composite fillings often cause sensitivity, but other types of filling materials can, too. The most common reason for pain right after the anesthetic wears off is that the filling is too high. Call your dentist so you can be seen as soon as possible to reduce the height of the filling.

In most other cases, the sensitivity will decrease over one to two weeks. Until then, try to avoid anything that causes it. If your tooth is extremely sensitive or your sensitivity does not decrease after two weeks, contact our office.

Consequently, with Proper care and help from a dentist, dental implants can last you the rest of your life.

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